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Senior It's Your Future curriculum
The decisions students make over the next few years can dramatically affect their lives moving forward. Our goal, as educators at Grand Rapids High School, is to provide the information necessary to make the best post-secondary decision for each student. Over the course of four years, students learn about themselves and the programs of study that match their interests and abilities following high school. The following information and resources are only part of the education students are receiving in their weekly advisory periods and are meant to be utilized to help you and your student make the most informed decision possible.
Why is post – secondary planning important?
It is no secret that more education traditionally equals more money.  The benefits for earning a higher level of education can be huge for those considering advancement, however, this pursuit might not be best for every student. In fact, higher education can be associated with higher debt, which can limit some individual’s future take home salary. For these reasons, GRHS students are encouraged to explore career fields and programs that not only provide them the opportunities in life each individual student is seeking but also appeal to each individual’s life motivations and interests. 
Total Education – Males and Females CombinedMedian Annual Income for Life
Dropout – no diploma$23,500
High school diploma$30,000
Some college$32,000
Associate’s degree$36,000
Bachelor’s degree$46,000
Master’s degree or higher$55,000
Total EducationMalesFemales
Dropout – no diploma$25,000$17,000
High school diploma$32,000$25,000
Some college$37,000$29,000
Associate’s degree$41,000$32,500
Bachelor’s degree$55,000$42,000
Master’s degree or higher$65,000$51,000
**Taken from Dallmann-Jones, A. (2006). Shadow Children: Understaning Education's #1 Problem (Second ed.). Lancaster: RLD Publications.
Student are also encouraged to consider long term goals when planning life after high school. It is often assumed that getting in to college or a program of study is the end of the post-secondary planning effort. Seniors continue to explore post-secondary planning throughout their senior year to maximize their high school education and paths after they leave GRHS.
Research has also suggested that only 39% of four year students actually finish their degree in four years, and as many as 59% need an additional year or two to complete their degree (Woodruff.) That additional time spent in college not only adds to student debt but also decreases their potential future earnings by delaying entry into employment (Woodruff.)
Feel free to utilize any of the information below as part of your post-secondary planning. Contact the school counseling office with any questions or to set up an appointment to discuss your plan today!

Dallmann-Jones, A. (2006). Shadow Children: Understaning Education's #1 Problem (Second ed.). Lancaster: RLD Publications.
Woodruff, M. (2014, September 3). Here's how much it will cost you to spend an extra year in college. Retrieved September 3, 2014.
Additional Resources:

International Baccalaureate (IB) at
Grand Rapids High School is a demanding two year
pre-university, internationally-based program for motivated juniors and seniors.

GRHS was the first school in Minnesota to be IB. An IB Diploma is the most comprehensive and thorough preparation available for higher education.


Diploma candidates are required to:
  • Study six courses - one in each of the six IB subject areas.

  • Take “Theory of Knowledge” - a unique course on the philosophy of learning
  • Write an Extended Essay - a college level research paper done under the direct supervision of one of our staff.
  • Participate in CAS - a two year program that includes 150 hours of creativity, activity, and service.
  • Take the IB Exams.

Group 1: Language A (IB English 11 & 12)
Group 2:Language B (IB German III & IV or IB Spanish III & IV)
Group 3: Individuals and Societies (IB Economics 11 & 12 or IB History 11 & 12)
Group 4: Experimental Sciences (IB Chemistry I & II, IB Physics I & II
or IB Biology)
Group 5: Mathematics (IB Pre-Calculus or IB Calculus)
Group 6: Arts and Electives (IB Sudio Art, IB Business and Management, or IB Elective of additional course in group 3 or 4)

Inquirers   Knowledgeable   Thinkers   Communicators   Principled
Open-minded   Caring   Risk-takers   Balanced   Reflective

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