Wakewood Organization Case Study

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Wakewood is a company which is organized with seven autonomously-manage units. Each of the units is under the control of a General Manager and Functional Manager. In generally, most of the units works effectively, except one (Case study). In this report, the writer would like to call it under the name of Unit 1. This Unit is organized similarly to others with the hierarchical structure as below: Figure: Unit 1’s Structure As shown in the figure, the Unit 1 is also managed by the Chief Executive Officer who has a very good reputation due to his lots of experience of being CEO and his succeeded in managing difficult situations in other units for the last four years. However, the problem in the Unit is that it has to face a lot of pressure deriving from both external and internal environment. First, it is the dissatisfaction of the customers about Wakewood’s products by virtue of the inefficient after sales services as well as the bad quality of the product. Besides, employees show their dissatisfactory with their job since the staff morale is poor. The implementation of new technology has also become an issue due to the lack of employees’ knowledge to use it (Case study). Moreover, there is shortage of management skills in the introduction of changes. Despite of 18-year experience, the General Management just focuses on controlling costs and developing an efficient and professional team working, instead of concentrating on clients’ need as he should 2 Chief Executive Officer General Manager Product/ Service Dept. Administration Dept. Personnel Dept. Finance Dept.


It's Tough At The Top: Managing Conflict In The Wakewood Organization - Case Study

It's Tough At The Top: Managing Conflict In The Wakewood Organization - Case Study


The today's fast pace of competition has given many challenges to the business organizations. The organizations that manage their businesses in an appropriate manner as well as in efficient and effective manner can achieve the planned goals and objectives. Such organizations can also attain the competitive positions in the market and the industry. To be successful among the competitors in the market the organizations are required to manage their business operations in an effective manner by implementing the effective and competitive strategies. The organizations are required to carefully monitor the performances of the departmental units that comprises in the overall success of the organizations.

The today's era is the era of modern technology. The organizations, in order to be successful are increasingly employing the modern technologies in their business as to increase their production efficiency and to provide more enhanced services t the customers. The success of the business organizations depend upon the satisfaction levels of their customers. Therefore the organizations must develop the strategies that can support the technological innovations to be implemented in the business that have direct and indirect impact upon the business performance of the organizations. These effective strategies ultimately have the effects on the success and profitability of the organization.

Case study of Wakewood organization

The case study of Wakewood organization is also related to ineffective performance of its one unit out of the seven units. The analysis of the case study has shown that there are various internal conflicts in the management of the unit. The other departmental units within this unit are having the difficulty in managing their production and services. Although the organization has implemented the modern technology in all the departmental units to boost the production and services performances but the employees as well as the general manager the unit are not willing to adopt the change. The chief executive of the organization is willing to implement the modern technology at any costs as this will make most of the operations automated and thus will increase the proficiency. The chief executive is also willing to implement new technologies in all the departments and particularly in this department that comprise of the twenty percent of the business operations. The chief executive has also given the idea to introduce the marketing and quality audit as this will ensure the individual performance of each of the units and will assist the managers in tracking the inefficiency and the draw back in the operational performance.

The strategies are required to be developed by the organization in order to motivate the employees of the departments to accept the changes in the organization. For this purpose, the managers will have to implement various managing approaches that will them as well as their employees and subordinates in accepting the change in the business environment. The following section aims at discussing the strategies that ...

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