Coat Of Arms High School Assignment Sample

Heraldry Assignment:        /100 pts. Possible

Completed Project Due in room 506 no later than- 02/27/15 (Early work cheerfully accepted)

Notes to parents (I have already gone over (and over) this with the students in great detail.):

A.   Students have been given detailed instructions, examples, and notes in class! I have made myself available for a month and a half to check and approve each design for heraldic correctness.  We are working on these designs in class and students should come to class daily prepared to work on this design , but the actual construction of the full sized shield/finished product must be done at home. Please, don't put this off until the last minute!


B.    I have agreed to cut any plywood, tag board, etc. for the students here at school as long as it is the correct size, No smaller than  22 x 29 in. and in my class room no later than 3:00 PM on Friday 01/30/15- . First come, first cut. Note- If I receive a glut of material at the last min., it will take longer to finish the work and it will take longer for you to receive your cut shield shape. Again, don’t put this off until the last minute.

C. OPTIONAL!!!!!!! How to curve your shield like many of the originals- . Remember yours will be a different shape (you will use the one in class as a template) than the one in the diagram.


D. *********** IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Each (shield will all be the same size and shape.) shield must be traced from a template that I keep here in my room template for each student). Students may-

1.      Make a paper stencil here and bring it home.

2.      Bring their material here to trace the standard outline/template.

3.      Bring their materials here for cutting where the student will trace the required outline and I will cut it out. (Please note the above deadline.)

Project Minimum (i.e. less than this is not a passing effort/grade) Requirements:

1._____ Construct a coat of arms using the rules of medieval (not modern) heraldry and the notes/examples I gave you. Each design will have (at least/no less than) 1 division,1 ordinary/sub-ordinary, your correct cadency mark, and 1 properly displayed charge. Note, any/all submissions that do not met all of above requirements will be considered incomplete and returned to the student to finish/redo correctly before I can count it, received for a grade. Please review the late policy on long term projects and grades and plan accordingly.

2. _____ This design must use the tinctures and charges that match your personality. Carefully search your notes and decide which best represent your personality.

3. _____ One neatly typed clearly written (in paragraph form) explanation of each of the tinctures, charges, etc. and how they represent you. [Neatly attach to the back of your full size shield.] You will be asked to explain (not read) this to us in class. These should be typed, . DUE- with your completed shield.

4. _____ One 8 1/2 x 11 (full color) detailed drawing of this design. [Neatly attach to the back of your full size shield with your paragraph before you turn it in.] These must be O.K.ed and signed by me before you start on your large (final) shield. Again, If I receive a glut of these on the deadline, It will take longer for the approval to reach you. Please plan accordingly. DUE- I will review and sign these when they are turned in, any time after 01/05/15 and before 02/20/15.


5. _____ One full sized (templates are available in class. ) shield with your coat of arms neatly and clearly (in full color) displayed to be hung up in the classroom. Students must use this template or their work will not be displayed! Note- the (#3 above) paragraph and your  drawing (#4 above) will be neatly/carefully attached to the rear of all completed shields before they arrive in class. Any/all paint/glue must be completely dry before you bring this to my class! -All late work will begin grading at 60% of the project grade and decline from there depending on the number of days late.

Medieval European Heraldry Notes from Class:  General list

 Here, Virtues matched with tinctures, charges, lines and ordinaries.

Heraldry Websites:

Use these for more information and to find suitable models for your charges and ordinaries. These shields will be displayed for the whole 7th grade to see so do your best job. It will represent you to your peers!

Google ______________________________ -whatever you are looking for The SCA/Society for Creative Anachronism Heraldry Archive/library. - Putting the straps on the back of a shield -Making a curved shield Heraldry Clipart,RNWE:2004-46,RNWE:en%26sa%3DN&safe=on   Heraldic charges and their modern meanings. Remember, you need the medieval meanings so be careful with this site! of links for you.   (Glossary of heraldic illustrations.)   ((Verbal) Blazon of French coats of arms circa 1254.)    (A little bit of everything)   ( A Roll of Arms that you can view for free to use as examples)



Holy Roman Emperor      Richard Lion heart        Lion of Burgandy

Get your materials ready now!

Parents- Students will need a 22in. x 29 in.or larger rectangle of cardboard/ tag board/ particleboard/plywood/etc. (up to 1/2 in thick) for a correct size shield shape on which to display their finished coat of arms. I have templates to trace the shield shape (everyone's will be the same size and shape) onto their cardboard, plywood, etc. and I will cut the heavier materials (no thicker than 1/2 in) on the school's band saw if I receive them no later than 01/30/15. Have your child put their nameon all materials before they come to school. Some students may wish to cover their shield face with cotton muslin fabric to make a better surface for painting. This is optional but I will go over the instructions for this in class for those who are interested. Remember, even if you cut your own shield material, each shield must be the same size, shape / be traced from the master in my classroom. Make arrangements/plans to facilitate this ( A.S.A.P.) in order to be finished by the deadlines. Again, last min. work rarely shows quality. A and B work shows quality, attention to detail and directions followed in all areas. You have two months for this, please, plan ahead.



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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Academic School Year!

A blue or black pen is a MUST for Creative Writing.
Thank you!

Creative Writing Class Work & Homework Assignments Page

This website not only contains all your class work and homework assignments, but also includes all the handouts and resources you will need for a successful year.  Of course, you should never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or problems you have, as it is my goal to ensure that you have a challenging and productive year. 
Simply email me through my direct email address, or via the Contact Me tab.

Classroom Goals and Expectations 

Remind 101

"Unwritten" Group Analysis

Writer's Oath 

"I am..." Poem 

Wks 2/5/18-2/12/18  "I am..." Poem: This will count as your first formal assignment.
Due Dates:
Rough Draft due Mon., 2/12/18; Final Copy due Fri., 2/16/18

Use the Description of Me handout and your visual images as inspiration to compose your "I am..." poem. Be sure to thoroughly read the guidelines on the "I am..." handout for important information.

"I am..." Poem Rubric: read the rubric for guidelines on how you will be assessed.

Pink Sheet (Peer Editing) and Blue Sheet (Rubric - These WILL Vary)

Description of Me; Coat of Arms 

Writing Territories; Circle the Wagons 

Writer's Notebook; Portfolio Explanation 

Poem of Possibilities 

Please do not go ahead as occasionally assignments and dates are subject to change. Thank you!


Multi-Genre Research Project 

Multi Genre Research Project Components and Samples


Imagist Poem

Final Portfolio


Satire and Parody


Navigating the Page: Assignments are an ascending chronological order.
(In other words, oldest assignments are at the top, so be sure to scroll down to find the most current class work and homework assignments.)

Class Work and Homework Assignments
Handouts for Uploading and Printing
Monday 1/29/18 - Introduction to Course 
Here are the Classroom Goals and Expectations.  After you and your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) have read them, please sign and return only the bottom portion of your sheet.  
This will count as a HW grade.  The top portion of the sheet is for you to keep and refer to throughout the year. Keep it handy. 
Due Fri. 2/2/18 - Please note that your marble notebook and the two-pocket folders are also due Friday.  :)
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Remind 101 Sign-Up No later than Fri., 2/2/18: Enter Code for your specific class. If you do not get a text back from Carota, I did not receive your request. SEE ME. THIS is MANDATORY. 
QUIZ GRADE​ Due Friday, 2/2/18
Remind Instructions/Code - BE SURE you use YOUR CLASS CODE.
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Wks. 1/29/18 - "Unwritten" group analysis
In class, work in groups to analyze lyrics, search for literary devices, and informally present findings. Remember to delve deeply into the author's purpose. What is the author attempting to convey and how are they communicating this information. In other words, what tools is the author using to convey their message.
File Size: 30 kb
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The Writer's Oath is a pledge I ask all students to take before we begin our creative writing journey together.
File Size: 1128 kb
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Have a peer responder complete "pink" sheet and provide specific feedback that you will then use to edit and tweak your original piece before handing in your assignment.
As the writer, use the "blue" sheet as a guideline in composing your assignment; before handing in be sure to complete the two statements at the bottom of the page, as well as giving yourself a number grade.
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Wks 9/18/17-9/25/17: - Interview and Coat of Arms
Using the Description of Me handout, begin work on your partner's interview and coat of arms.  

Remember, your coat of arms must include
  • your partner's first and last name
  • at least FOUR images that visually represent your partner
  • a motto or credo (statement of personal belief; a.k.a. your "words to love by")
  • your first and last name on the back
Interview should be at least one typed or handwritten page that includes a summary of your findings on your partner. 

Rough Draft Due Tues. 2/27/18
Final Copy Description of Me and Coat of Arms Due Fri. 3/2/18

​We will not be doing presentations: 
Description of Me and Coat of Arms Presentations begin Monday. Remember author's purpose: what are you expecting your listeners to gain from your words, and how will you effectively and creatively convey these ideas?
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Writing Territories / Circle the Wagons
Writing Territories – Each Friday, a.k.a. Free Write Friday, you will have the opportunity to explore a writing prompt of your own creation.  This may pose a question or two: What will I write about?  Where do I start?  What topics are okay to write about?  You will find the answer to these questions through the development of what we will refer to as writing territories.  Explore your own writing territories using Ms. Carota’s My Writing Territories handout as a guideline.  These territories will come in handy, especially on Free Write Fridays.

Circle the Wagons - Each Friday you will have the opportunity to share your writing with your peers.  This will be an chance for you to share work and receive constructive feedback for future editing and revision.  The Circle the Wagons Response Guidelines provide helpful hints on how to effectively participate..
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Wk. of 1/29/18
The What is a Writer’s Notebook and the Creative Writing Portfolio handouts define each component and its role in the course.  Anticipate collection of your Writer’s Notebook (Writing Prompts), as well as the completion of a Writer’s Portfolio upon completion of the course.  
NOTE: The portfolio is your final semester project.
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File Type: what is a writer's notebook
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Wks. of 2/26/18 - 3/5/18 Poem of Possibilities

Annotate John Updike's "Ex-Basketball Player"
ThePrewriting Questions, Ex-Basketball Player, and TP-CASTT handouts will help you explore and prepare for the Poem of Possibilities assignment.  You will compose a poem in which you explore who you have become five years into the future.  The poem should be at least twelve lines and can be in any style: free verse, sonnet, etc.
Pleasemake sure you print two copies of your poem, as one copy will be mailed to you five years from now.
Rough draft Due Wed., 10/18/17
Final Copy Due Mon., 10/23/17 - Must be in MLA format: proper heading, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font (with pink & blue sheets included)
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Wk. 10/23/17-13/30/17 Memoir
Begin memoir unit: choose a specific event or moment in your life and fully explore it to compose your own memoir.  We will explore memoir samples and brainstorm ideas as you create your own story. 
Rough Draft Due Thurs., 11/9/17 
Final Copy Due Wed. 11/15/17 - should be typed; double-spaced; 12 pt. font; (with pink & Memoir blue sheets)
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11/13/17 - 11/30/17 Multi-Genre Project
Begin multi-genre research project: choose a topic

Create a multi-genre research project, which will include a reflective, creative writing, visual, and an informational research component*.  

​*Your informational research component is a fact-based research paper that MUST use a minimum of four sources, have a thesis statement, and include a works cited page.

Upon completion of the above four categories, you will compose a rationale page that will discuss your reasons for choosing each of the four categories. Lastly, you will compose a Letter to the Reader; this letter will introduce your project to your reader and must be completed after all other components are completed; it will discuss your journey through this paper and what you hope the reader will come to understand after reading your project.

A student sample of Process Grade 1 is to the right, as well as samples of the Reflective, Creative Writing, and Informational Research components. There is also a Letter to the Reader sample and Works Cited samples.

Process grades will be collected throughout the multi-genre process.

Research informational research portion of your paper in library for five/six days.  Your paper MUST include a minimum of four sources.  You must use in-text citation and include a works cited page for this category of your multi-genre paper.

The remaining categories (reflective, creative writing, and visual) can be worked on only after the informational research portion of your multi-genre paper is completed. I have included some student samples for inspiration.

Process Grade #1: Due Thurs., 11/16/17: rough draft topic, writing choices for each category, and mini-rationale
Process Grade #2: Due Tues., 11/21/17: four completed library colored source logs 
Process Grade #3: Due Tues., 11/28/17: works cited page with a minimum of four sources 

​Final Multi-Genre Paper REVISED DUE DATE: Monday, Dec. 4, 2017 (Was Due Thurs., 11/30/17) should be typed ; double-spaced ; 12 pt. font (with the exception of certain visual components, etc.) ; MUST include works cited page with a minimum of four sources. 
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Category #1
​Reflective Sample: letter to society
File Size: 77 kb
File Type: doc
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Category #2
​​Creative Writing Samples: wanted poster
Category #2
​​Creative Writing Samples: recipe
File Size: 848 kb
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File Size: 146 kb
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File Size: 57 kb
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Category #4
​Informational Research Sample: cosmetic testing on animals

Works Cited Sample
​(Process Grade #3)
File Size: 27 kb
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File Size: 24 kb
File Type: doc
Download File

Letter to the Reader: Introduces your multi genre project to the reader.
File Size: 24 kb
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File Size: 88 kb
File Type: docx
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Rationale: This component is similar to Process Grade #1, except NOW you will more fully flesh out your reasons for choosing the categories and research topic you chose. Again, now that you have done each component of the project, you have a more well-rounded idea of why you did what you did. For the research paper, I no longer need an outline of the paper, but the reasons why you chose the topic for research that you did.
File Size: 104 kb
File Type: docx
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Wks. 12/4/17-12/18/17 Monologue
Begin monologue unit: Review monologue and soliloquy definitions and look at samples.  Use the samples and our analysis and discussions to compose monologues for the Theater class. You may compose your monologue anonymously if you feel more comfortable, but I strongly encourage you to share your thoughts without reserve.  Enjoy! 
Rough draft Due Mon. 12/18/17
(2 copies) Final Copy Due Fri. 12/22/17: 
typed, double-spaced, and 12 pt. font  
​(with pink & blue sheets) one with name for grading and one, if you choose, without, to submit to my theater class anonymously
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File Size: 217 kb
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File Size: 16 kb
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Compose a poem using the Imagist handout and in-class sample poems as models. You can create a poem using an image as inspiration to create a sensory poem, OR use an image to create a riddle poem. Pay special attention to "The Toaster" and "The Apartment" on the imagist poem exercise sheet to the right for great samples of riddle poems. Either way, an image must accompany your poem. 
Final Copy Due Day. Thur. 1/4/18
File Size: 468 kb
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File Size: 226 kb
File Type: docx
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File Size: 132 kb
File Type: docx
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Wks 1/2/18 - end of semester (As ALWAYS, you will have PLENTY of in-class time to plan your portfolio)
Begin final portfolio unit:  Review all previously submitted pieces for consideration into portfolio.  Your portfolio is the equivalent of your final exam in this course.  It MUST include the following:
THREE (2) previously submitted AND REVISED pieces (preferably of two or more different genres)
ONE (1) NEW piece (any genre)
Cover letter to reader, addressed Dear Reader
Final Portfolio Due Friday, January 12, 2018. MUST be submitted using MLA 8 format: typed; double-spaced ; 12 pt. font, with proper MLA 8 heading.
TIME MANAGEMENT is CRUCIAL, as late submission is NOT AN OPTION! Thank you!
File Size: 57 kb
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Sample Letter to the Reader for Final Portfolio
File Size: 81 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Wks 5/23/16 - 5/30/16 - Satire and Parody
Begin satire/parody  unit: Watch Shrek film clip and discuss elements of fairy tales.  Discuss satire and parody using definitions and examples, such as "Why I Hate Literature and You Should Too", "FDA Approves Salmonella", and Charlie Sheen article. Students will listen to excerpts of and then later peruse A Wolf's Story, or The Other Side of the Story, and/or watch YouTube videos, such as Weird Al's "Fat" (a parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad") and/or his "Word Crimes", which is not only a parody of a popular song, but also a satire on the public's poor use of grammar.  Use these short film clips and excerpts as models, as well as our analysis, to compose your own satire OR parody piece. 

Rough Draft Due Fri. 5/27/16
Final Copy Due Tues. 6/1/16 - should be typed ; 
double-spaced ; 12 pt. font ; (with pink & blue sheets)
File Size: 567 kb
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File Size: 26 kb
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Wks. of 12/10/15-12/14/15
Begin poetry unit: review elements of poetry and examine various poetry styles.  Read and listen to poetry samples and use these models and our analysis and discussion to compose your own poems. 

Choose one OR the other.

​Compose your own "These I Have Loved..." using the attachment as a model.

Rough Draft Due Day. Mon. 12/21/15
Final Copy Due Day. Wed. 12/23/15

Compose a poem using the Imagist handout and sample poems as models
Rough Draft Due Day. Mon. 12/21/15
Final Copy Due Day. Wed. 12/23/15
File Size: 470 kb
File Type: what is poetry
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File Size: 23 kb
File Type: doc

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