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I run after school writing workshops for seniors in the fall. These are not students I have in class. These conferences are longer because we are meeting for the first time and working after school.

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  1.  Essays should focus on any aspects of the Africana experience, i.e. art, education, history, literature, politics, psychology, social issues, and policy issues.
  2. The essay must be:
  • Typed in Microsoft Word software
  • 12-18 pages in length
  • Double-spaced with one inch margins-left to right and –top to bottom.
  • Students are asked to document sources with either MLA or the APA style guide.
  1. A cover sheet is a must. On your cover sheet (separate from the rest of the essay) only include: your name, mailing address, telephone number, name of the college you attend, and your class status i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student and name of faculty advisor).
  2. DO NOT type your name on all pages. Reviewers must NOT have any identifying clues from your paper.
    DO NOT reveal your college or location of where you are based.
  3. Submit your essay electronically to Daphney Thomas Coordinator Special Projects/ OR mail to National Council for Black Studies, French Hall West, Room 3514, PO Box 210370, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45221
  4. Submission deadline is 12pm EST JANURY 08, 2018

A note to our student submitters:

Thank you for submitting your essay for consideration.

We deeply appreciate the time and effort in preparing the essay. All essays are considered through a blind process. If your essay is not selected as a winner, please do not be discouraged, you can submit again the following the year. Essays that do not win are not an indication of poor quality as we receive stellar essays, but just a reflection of the competitive nature of the program. We would like to provide feedback to all submitted essays, but due to the sheer volume of essays received, this is not possible.

Winners of the competition are strongly encouraged to attend the NCBS conference to participate in the celebratorial luncheon.

NCBS National Office

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