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The Truman Show - Religion

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The movie, The Truman Show, can be related to religion in many ways. Jim Carrey stars as Truman Burbank, a 30-year-old man, whose whole life has been the plot of an acclaimed TV show. The movie shows how reality can be altered and created when confined into a small space. The movie is set in the town of Sea Haven, which is built inside a studio in Hollywood, California. Truman was born and adopted by a corporation, and that's when the show started. Throughout the movie, there are three religious points brought up, the issue of free will, God as all knowing, and the ideas of Calvin. The director has made it clear that religion plays an important role in everybody's life, and it is hard to escape from God.

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Truman gets off his boat and walks up the stairs toward a door to the real world. He speaks to Christof for the first time, and he is given the choice to stay in his protected world or to go out into the unknown. Truman chooses to leave.

John Calvin, writer of 'Institutes of the Christian Religion', believes that knowing and understanding God and one's self are interrelated. Calvin claims that one can not fully understand God unless they truly know and understand themselves, and vice versa. Truman did not know himself as much as he believed he did. He was controlled by a TV show and did not even know it. Things occurred in Truman's life for entertainment purposes only, not because of natural occurrence. Truman believed that he lived a life that was truly his own, only to find out later on that it was the life that his 'creator' wanted it to be.

When Truman finally realized the life he was living was not his, he chose to try to escape from it. At this point he began to understand himself and what he truly stood for, his freedom. When he was about to leave Seahaven, he spoke with Christof or you could say he 'found' his creator. When Christof first gets to talk to Truman, when he is at the exit of the studio, he says " I am the creator...of a television show that gives hope and joy and inspiration to everybody." The pause after "I am the creator" gives this conversation the feeling of Truman talking to God, like

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Film Techniques The Truman Opening Sequence The opening sequence consists of The Truman Show being introduced by people, telling us about how they are impacted or how they feel about The Truman Show. They say for many it is like a way of life which raises our expectations of the show Character The main character in the movie is Truman Burbank. He is just a normal person and he doesn’t know he is being filmed during his whole life. The other characters include Cristof who is the creator, and Syliva who is trying to tell Truman that he is being filmed constantly. Setting The setting is significant to the movie as it is an island, which means it is surrounded by water; so since Truman is scared of water, he will not leave the island. But the ‘island’ is actually in a massive dome in which the creator, Cristof can control everything. Eg, weather, time of day. Storyline The storyline is purely based upon what is happening in Truman Burbanks life, but when an actor on the show tries to tell him that everything is fake and that he is being filmed, he starts getting curious which leads him to trying to leave the island to go to Fiji. Personally if someone hadn’t told me what was happening I would have not have known what was going on until about half way through the film. Structure of Time The structure in time of the movie includes Truman having many flashbacks, which gives us indications on why he feels a certain way about things. For example it shows that Truman is scared of water, then he has a flash back where his dad when he drowns off a boat infront of him. Cause and Effect There are many parts in the movie, where the creator causes things to happen within the dome which affects the way Truman thinks about things. The main one would be when Truman is young and he and his dad are fishing, and Cristof directs the actor playing Trumans dad to pretend to drown, which then causes Truman to have a fear of water. Point of View The point of view is mainly from Truman, but is also sometimes in the view of the creators/ producers and people watching the show, and how they feel about the show and what is happening within it. Closing Sequence In the closing sequence of the movie, Truman tricks the creators/producers and escapes the island on a boat. He has realised he is being filmed and the possibility of him leaving the island has come true. The creator tries everything he can do to make Truman head back home. He is even trying to kill Truman instead of him finding the door out of the dome. The lighting of the movie is controlled of the
creator of the film. He can control the time
of the day and the sun light through the dome. Lighting The camera angles of this film is very interesting as it is showing us what is happening to Truman with him unaware he is being filmed, so we can see what Truman is seeing. Camera/Film Visual Composition The visual composition of this show is all artificial, as the people in the show are all actors and Truman is being filmed but he doesn’t know it. The characters are all on a loop and Truman starts to notice this throughout the movie. The space within the frame entirely depends on what Truman is looking at. Acting The acting in the film is very good, as Truman believes that everyone is just doing there everyday things, but in reality they are all actors on a loop. Without Sylvia telling him that everything is fake I don’t believe that he would have ever realised. Sound The sound is very relevant to what is happening in the film and the music sets the mood for whatever may happen next.

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