Lexicomp Grammatical Features Of Analytical Exposition Essay


Exposition is a text that elaborates the writer’s idea about the phenomenon surrounding.


       1.      To persuade the readers that idea is important matter. 

       2.      To persuade the readers or listeners that there is something that, certainly, needs to get attention

       3.      To analyze a topic and to persuade the reader that this opinion is correct and supported by arguments

Generic Structures:

       1.      Thesis (Introduction): Introducing the topic and indicating the writer’s position

       2.      Arguments (Body): Explaining the arguments to support the writer’s position.

       3.      Reiteration (Conclusion): Restating the writer’s position.

Language Features:

      1.      Using relational process = Relationships between and among leaders, workers, followers, partners, co-workers, etc. people knowing and caring about people.

      2.      Using external conjunctions = Enhancing by linking to real world events (Holocaust, the Final Solution, death trains) 
      3.      Using internal conjunction = Elaborating and itemizing steps in an argument (Firstly, secondly, next, finally) 
      4.      Using causal conjunction = the cause of an event, because

      5.      Using contrastive conjunction = but, nevertheless 
      6.      Using simple present tense = Bruno is quiet boy

      7.      Focusing on generic human and non-human participants, e.g.: car, pollution, leaded petrol car

      8.      Using abstract noun, e.g.: policy, government

      9.      Using relational processes, e.g.: It is important

      10.   Using modal verbs, e.g.: We must preserve

      11.   Using modal adverbs, e.g.: Certainly we.

      12.   Using passive sentence

Example of Analytical Exposition 1

Should Children Wear Hats at School?

I believe that you should always wear a hat at school when you are playing outside, to stop you from getting sunburn.

Argument 1:

Firstly, if you don’t wear a hat, you will get sunburn ant the sunburn is painful.

Argument 2:

Secondly, sunburn could lead to skin cancer. Sunburn can lead to health problems later in life. Many older people suffer from skin cancer which can kill them.

Reinforcement of position statement:

In my opinion all school students should wear hats.

Example of Analytical Exposition 2

The Importance of English

I personally think that English is the world’s most important language. why f=do I say that? Firstly, English is an international language. It is spoken by many people all around the world, either as a first or second language. Secondly, English is also the key which opens doors to scientific and technical knowledge, which is needed for the economic and political development of many countries in the world. Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs. Applicants who master either active or passive English are more favorable than those who for not. From the fact above, it is obvious that everybody needs to learn English to greet the global era.   

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