200 Week 4 Assignment 1

BIG BANG THEORYThe Empathy OptimizationEmily decides she is fed up with Sheldon’s continuous insults and threatening use of language and refuses to accept his apology for insulting her profession as a dermatologist. But byhis third attempt, Emily finally accepted his somewhat sincere and empathetic apology. However, Sheldon was unable to refrain from adding in a quick insult after his apology, which was directed towards Emily and Koothrappali’s relationship. After being such a stickler for standing her ground and not taking any more of Sheldon’s disrespect, it puzzled me why she was all of a sudden okay with his last comment. I think it only discredits the point or message she was trying to get across or the lesson she wanted Sheldon to learn. Furthermore, Emily shows strong emotion in regards to Sheldon’s hurtful words while it isexpressed by Koothrappali that Emily was even in tears over the matter and had also become upset at Koothrappali for thinking that he was defending Sheldon and taking his side when really

OPERATING BUDGET 2A standard business proposal is required to include in detail several details about the business that will allow investors a peek into the proposed business skeleton for them to evaluateits practicality. Crucial features required in any business proposal include information about the product and how it differentiated from its competitors. Investors need to understand whether the product or service pitched to them has a competitive advantage. A product that cannot differentiate from its competitors would have the proposal rejected. Unique and new ideas attractinvestments.Investors often consider the valuation of the business as an important tool in determining whether a proposal is worth accepting or not. Overvaluation of a business may be seen as an indication of an unrealistic expectation and an attempt at getting a bigger stake of the pie before it is baked. However, this is usually a cause for most business proposals to be rejected by

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