John A Pescud Character Sketch Essay

Character Sketch

• John A Pescud: He was small man and not good looking. He was a travelling salesman for a plate glass company. He was very successful and had his salary raised twice in the previous year and his company was to give him few shares as well. In his view, plate-glass was the most important commodity in the world. He was hypocrite, mocks the stories of Best Sellers by calling them unrealistic but in his real life, he himself followed a girl like hero of some best seller and later marries that girl.

• Jessie Allyn was fine and pretty. She was the only daughter of Colonel Allyn belonging to the oldest family in Virginia. She was proud of her aristocratic lineage and rich mansion. She was observant and perceptive and was attracted to Pescud.

• Colonel Allyn: He was father of Jessie and retired colonel with a stern and strict face. He was angry looking man who rarely laughed. He had hobby of telling and listening to the stories from strangers and travellers who came to him.

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