Andy Phippen Research Papers

Recent publications include:

“Impacting Methodological Innovation in a Local GovernmentContext – Data Sharing Rewards and Barriers abstract”, Phippen, A., Raza, A.,Butel, L., Southern, R. Methodological Innovations Online Vol. 6 No. 1, May2011.

“Preventative actions for enhancing online protection andprivacy”, Furnell, S., Phippen, A., Von Solms, R. International Journal forInformation Technologies and Systems Approach. Vol. 4 No. 2. June 2011.

“Should We Do It Just Because We Can? Methodological andEthical Implications for Information Revelation in Online Social Networks”, A.Phippen, R. Davey and S. Furnell. Methodological Innovations Online Vol 4 No.3., December 2009.

“Securing the Next Generation: Enhancing e-safety AwarenessAmong Young People”, S. Atkinson, S. Furnell, A. Phippen, Computer Fraud andSecurity, July 2009.

“Who guides the little guy? Exploring security advice andguidance from retailers and ISPs”, S. Furnell, R. Shams, A. Phippen, ComputerFraud & Security, Volume 2008, Issue 12, 2008

“Security Beliefs and Barriers for Novice Internet Users”,Furnell S, Tsaganidi V., Phippen A. Computers & Security, Volume 27, Issues7-8, 2008

 “Takingresponsibility for online protection – why citizens have their part to play”,A.Phippen and S.Furnell.  Computer Fraud& Security, 2007.

“Improving protection mechanisms by understanding onlinerisk”, Atkinson S, Johnson C, Phippen A, Information Management and Computer SecurityVolume 15 Issue 5. 2007.

“How Virtual are Virtual Methods?”, Phippen A.Methodological Innovations Online. Vol. 2 No. 1. April 2007

“Do Guarantees of Security Matter? The Trust RelationshipBetween Citizens and ICT Mediated Services”, Phippen A, Lacohee H. IEC 30thAnnual Review of Communication. 2007.

“Evaluating Citizen Attitudes toward Local eGovernment and aComparison of Engagement Methods in the UK”, Phippen A. International Journalof Cases on eCommerce - eGovernment special. Vol.3 Issue 3 pages 55-71. 2007

“Assessing the Security Perceptions of Personal InternetUsers”, Furnell S, Bryant P, Phippen A. Computers & Security, Volume 26,Issue 5, August 2007, Pages 410-417

“Risk and Restitution: Assessing how users establish onlinetrust”, Lacohee H, Phippen A, Furnell S. Computers and Security, 25, 7. 2006.

“eGovernment – Issues in Citizen Engagement”, Phippen A,Lacohee H. BT Technology Journal 24, 2. April 2006.

“Barriers to usable security in end-user applications”,Furnell SM, Jusoh A, Katsabas D, Phippen AD, eMinds: International Journal onHuman-Computer Interaction, vol. 1, no. 1, pp51-59, 2005.

"Connecting Cultures through Creative Practice in the21st Century - The ARROW Project and its Exploitation of the CollaborativePotential of the Internet", A. Phippen, D. Melville. Arts forReconciliation: A World Journal of Research, Debate and Practice. vol. 1, no.1, Summer 2005.

"Issues in Implementing Service OrientedArchitectures", A. Phippen, J. Taylor, R.Allen, Internet Research 15.5.2005.

“An Evaluative Methodology for Virtual Communities using WebAnalytics”, A. Phippen, Campus Wide Information Systems, vol. 21, no. 5, 2004.

Andy Phippen is a Professor of Social Responsibility in Information Technology at the University of Plymouth. He lectures Business and IT ethics and IT management. He has worked for 15 years with the IT sector considering social issues around the technologies they develop, the ethics therein, and how the public engage with such. He has advised Governments on issues of the social impact of technological innovation and social responsibility by service providers. He specialises in work around the use of technology by children and young people, looking at areas around online safety, privacy, digital literacy and the impact of “digital natives” in the workplace. He is a research advisor to the UK Safer Internet Centre, and also has worked with BT, Google and FaceBook on issues related to children’s online practice.

He speaks regularly at schools on issues such safe online practice, data protection and privacy, social responsibility in business, the role of technology in shaping society, how to establish a career in the tech sector and more general talks around learning in Higher Education . He has worked as a STEM ambassador and is also vice-chair of governors at St Kew Primary School in Cornwall, with special responsibility for the Early Years subject area. He lives in North Cornwall, swimming, cycling and surfing as much as work and family life will allow.

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